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The development (v0.300) is going rather well. The TGC libraries (scripts) are now almost twice the size of those from version 0.225. The homepage also started very well with over 700 different visits, more then 200 downloads (1600 in total) and 12 members in the first two weeks. I'm already very happy with these numbers.

Stay tuned for further development informations and support us by register to our homepage here: Register

Views: 348 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 16/04/2010


Today we will talk about the new work in progress alchemy system. You will be able to create health, mana, stamina, poisons and antidotes potions if you have the recept to do this. You will also need an advanced alchemy level to create some potions (for example the antidote). Obviously you can also buy the potions at some shops. But at it's price. During some quests you will also need the potions.


As you can see I'm trying to set up an alchemist class.
For every potions created you will earn experience points.
For comments and suggestions please subscribe to our forums.

Views: 418 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 09/04/2010


Well well, easter is gone. First of all I would like to thank all the people who supported me and downloaded The Golden Coin. I've already started to work on the next release and I will try to post every week some news about the development.

I have expanded the story, the world and started to work on the animated Prologue(before Chapter I). A new important role will play the sound animated barrels. They will contain some items, such as rotten food, bottles and other things. All the items will become a sell value and an interaction sound.

One sure thing is that v0.300 will become a very stable version without significant bugs. This because I've got a lot more programming experience in these last months. Until the release day, the easter edition will remain the most stable version of The Golden Coin. If anyone has advices for the next release please write they in our forums.

Views: 1097 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 06/04/2010

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