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The Golden Coin



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1.What is TGC? 
TGC (The Golden Coin) is a large innovative role-playing-game divided into chapters. The game is set in the world of Delecia after a violent war between humans and orcs. But now there is another great danger from the Zaad dimension. For further information take a look at the story page.

2.Which engine does TGC use?
TGC is based on the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine and edited with a custom modificated version of Sandbox Platinum Arts. You can find the new SVN repository here: http://svn.kids.platinumarts.net/thegoldencoin/

3. What are the minimum requirements in order to play TGC?
You can play TGC on low settings with this specifications or better:
          - Windows XP, Vista or 7 
          - Single Core Processor with 1.8 Ghz+
          - Ati Radeon 1400+/Nvidia Geforce 7400+
          - 512 Gb Ram DDR2+
          - 500 Mb free space on hard disk

4. What are the recommended requirements in order to play TGC?
You can play TGC on high settings with this specifications or better:
          - Windows XP, Vista or 7 
          - Dual Core Processor with 3.0 Ghz+
          - Ati Radeon 3800+/Nvidia Geforce 8800+
          - 4 Gb Ram DDR2+
          - 1 Gb free space on hard disk
          - internet connection

5. Is there multi-core and directx 10/11 support?
Unfortunately there won't be any type of multi-core support. That means that the game will only run, but only on the first core of the processor. Also render with directx 10/11 is absolutely impossible with this engine.

6. Is there a version planned for Linux and Mac?
There is also a plan to publish a linux version of the game. But only once the game is really completed. Unfortunately there won't be a version for Apple systems.

7. In which language is TGC?
It's completely written in ENGLISH. But I would appreciate if someone has time to translate it in other languages. Rather in german, spanish and italian.  

8. Is TGC online or offline?
TGC is a completely OFFLINE game. You must only download and install the game. So, you can play everywhere you are. Only if you want to update the game you must connect to internet. It's not excluded that one day a multiplayer part will come.

9. What must I pay if i want to play TGC?
TGC is a completely FREE offline 3D role-playing-game for now. But there is still chance that the complete game will cost one day.

10. How do I install TGC?
TGC is released as an installer version. You must only download the setup file and follow the instructions. You can install an update through the auto-update function or manually by replace the main root files of the game. In some cases the game will be distributed with a .rar file(Winrar). If you wish another install metode you can ask us in our forum. (You will need to register)

11. When will be TGC finished?
TGC is at development since september 2009 and a release day of the first chapter isn't fixed yet. For now I hope you will enjoy the "work in progress" versions and follow the project in our forum. (You will need to register)

12. Does TGC have music?
TGC will have a completely new official soundtrack. diss0nance is currently hard at work and you can already listen a few of his samples on the soundtrack page.

13. How can I save the game in TGC? 
There are checkpoints ingame, but if you exit the game, there isn't a good save metode yet. We are at work to implement one. For now I recommand you to play a full chapter at once (1-3 Hours). It is planned to have the full save/load support with v0.400. 

14. How long will I need to play TGC? 
Well, to complete the story quests you will need at least 10 hours. But if you will take a deep look around in the world of Arnaria you will obviously exceed the 30 hours of gameplay. Things can always change during the development. But the content that we are planning to include is really big.

15. How can I donate to the TGC project? 
You can donate money through paypal on the donate page.

16. What should I do if I find a bug? 
Please report the bug in our forum. Much thanks for this. (You will need to register)

17. Can I join the project? 
Currently I'm working almost alone at the development, but I'm always in search of model artists, good ideas for the game and someone that translate the game in other languages. So if you want to ask me to join, you can do this on our forum. (You will need to register)

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