The Golden Coin - Soundtrack
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The Golden Coin



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The Golden Coin will have his own soundtrack like other popular role-playing games. These below are some official samples. A few are also included in the last FAN PACK #1.

This tracks are made from our official music engineer diss0nance. He will provide almost a completely soundtrack for the game. Visit his blog for further informations:

    Aaron DeFoe - Concisus Somnium (Main theme)

    Aaron DeFoe - Rolling Hills (Epic theme)

    Aaron DeFoe - Death Requiem (Death theme)

    Aaron DeFoe - Battle Theme (Battle theme)

    Aaron DeFoe - Endbattle (Evil theme)

Also DamianDJ is a little bit working on the soundtrack of the game. Try out his last tunes:

    DamianDJ - Dream (Dream theme)

    Copyright © DamianDJ 2015     Version: 4.0 BETA