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The Golden Coin



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The Golden Coin
You can find here the changelog of the last releases.
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Thread: Old releases
Message from: DamianDJ
General Discussion
Discuss here all the things related to the world of The Golden Coin.
10 50
Thread: Official Homepage 3.0
Message from: TheAdminUsh
Feature Requests
Put here your feature requests. What do you want to see in our game and on the official homepage?
4 45
Thread: TCG - Slow machines
Message from: DamianDJ
Help Requests
If you are stuck ingame, then ask for help here!
2 11
Thread: I'd like some help.
Message from: TheAdminUsh
This is the right place to put your review of the game. (or another review that you found on the web)
3 9
Thread: From the French magazine Can...
Message from: TheAdminUsh
Technical Problems
Do you have problems to start the game? Or is game crashing after a while without reason? Then ask here for support!
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Thread: Compatible website problems
Message from: TheAdminUsh
Bug Reports
If you find a bug, please report it here. This is very helpful for us.
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Thread: Well not sure this is a bug ...
Message from: DamianDJ
Off Topic
Put here anything that you want!
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Thread: Help with firstspace
Message from: TheAdminUsh

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