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0.400 Last Alpha Source Code

This is the last alpha with source code of TGC 0.400 that I and friends build a few months ago. It's much probably the last public version ever of TGC. There are a lot of errors but maybe one day someone will fix them and go ahead with the project. It's really sad to let this project freeze/die, but it's necessary If we want to continue to dream and to get a job in the gaming industry :) So now we are working since a lot of time on our new commercial project called "Deriva". Come to visit us if you want on 

Releases | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 26/11/2011

.300 - WINDOWS (123Mb)

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 the last release, .300 comes without an installer. Extract with winrar/winzip in a new folder. (changelog)

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Releases | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 06/05/2010

FAN PACK #2 (26Mb)

Content: unofficial world/gameplay concepts, screenshots, cool wallpapers, reports, art works and brand new soundtrack samples.

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Extra Content | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 27/05/2010

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