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The Golden Coin



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Do you like the brand new homepage 3.0 ???
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The special EASTER EDITION is available in the downloads section!!! That's a little gift for those who registered to the TGC Official Homepage. The release is based on 0.225 that fixes the apple and the woodchop bug. In this special edition you will find 100 easter eggs to collect in the world of Arnaria besides  easter ambiented dialogues, sounds and other secrets. At the end of your easter adventure you will find a secret word. If you have found it, then write it in our forum. I will explain then what does it mean. Happy Holidays!!!

Views: 341 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 02/04/2010


The new official homepage is online!!! There is a brand new forum with a rank-system, the new FAQ, and the new donate system. From now you will need to log-in in order to download the latest release and to write in the forum. I hope you like it.

For the newcomers, this is our new homepage about the first completely free 3D RPG The Golden Coin (known as TGC) based on the Cube 2: Sauerbraten engine and edited with Sandbox Platinum Arts, an open source game editor. For further information visit our homepage.

Enjoy your stay here and see you in our forum

Note: The game is completely free 
Note: Consider that the homepage is in these days in constant development.

Views: 433 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 29/03/2010

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