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TGC Teaser #2

This is the new teaser from Meanbearpig6612 about v0.300. The music is from our official music engineer Diss0nance.

Views: 442 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 29/06/2010

v0.300 RELEASED!!!

FINALLY: The brand new release 0.300 is available for free to everyone!!!

The golden coin has been downloaded more then 2000 times!!! That's really awesome for this work in progress versions. Finally the new v0.300 is knocking on the door ;-). The main feature of v0.300 will be the improved graphics. There are a lot of new textures and the new grass settings are really looking great. That means that you will need more performance from you pc in order to play without slow downs. A part from the graphics there will finally be a fantastic third person view!!! There will be a combat mode and a travel mode. In the first one you will see in first person, so you can take better the target. In the second one you will se the game with third person view and you will also move faster then in the combat mode. There are a lot of new gameplay features. now you can grill meat and fish at the fire for example and open barrels. Everything is sound animated. And more animations will come in the future. The main menu will also be animated.

There will also be a completely new hud (unfortunately not displayed in the images) and a brand new beta save function that saves the level of the player, the experience, and much more.



- NEW native codificated savegame support 
- NEW updated to the new custom engine Z-10 
based on Sandbox Platinum Arts 
(check out our svn repository) 
- NEW animations scripts 
- NEW guicolor scripts for dialogues 
(green, red, blue, orange) 
- FIXED run performance 
- FIXED ingame loading time 
- FIXED run stableness


- NEW advanced grass details 
- NEW motion blur settings 
- NEW skin texture for old orcs (by Ka-ching) 
- NEW skin texture for elfs (by Ka-ching) 
- NEW skin textures fot wolves (by Ka-ching) 
- NEW static blur and glare settings 
- NEW a few nice textures 
- NEW drunk animation effect (example: drinking wine) 
- NEW advanced rain details 
- NEW gameplay hud bars 
- NEW gameplay hud settings 
- FIXED some textures for shader model 3 
- FIXED animation sync error 
- FIXED ambient lights


- NEW a lot of world details 
- NEW little part of a the copper mines to explore 
- NEW waterfall effects 
- NEW add more details to the tutorial map 
- FIXED items spawn locations 
- FIXED the size of some items 
- FIXED world details locations


- NEW combat mode and travel mode system 
(press TAB to switch between the two modes) 
- NEW improved talk system 
- NEW option to switch from the 3D menus to 2D mode 
- NEW main menu animation 
- NEW written style 
- NEW gui cursor sword 
- NEW third person character view 
- NEW loading screenshots with tips 
- NEW display title and version 
- FIXED ingame screen blocking errors 
- FIXED a few player spawn bugs 
- FIXED level loading time 
- FIXED health increase by items 
- FIXED multiple item interact ability 
- FIXED a random crash bug on ATI cards 
- FIXED game settings/options can now be saved 
- FIXED Tutorial map performance 
- FIXED Chapter_I loading crash 
- FIXED menu pause function 
(the game don't pause anymore)


- NEW advanced inventory system 
- NEW advanced character menu 
- NEW third person view character 
- NEW advanced shop system 
- NEW races reputations system 
- NEW items now have a sell value and a buy value 
- NEW a lot of items (example: rings, potions) 
- NEW you can grilling meat and fish at the fire 
- NEW a lot of icons (example: trade icon) 
- NEW advanced skill menu system 
- NEW trade skill implemented with 6 levels 
- NEW beta alchemy system scripts 
- NEW advanced wearing system 
* you can wear now rings and helmets 
* if you wear an item it will show up in the inventory 
* a helmet will for example give you an armor bonus 
- NEW implemented 15 full upgrade able levels 
- NEW openable barrels with stuff inside 
- FIXED items balance (buy/sell value) 
- FIXED full inventory problem 
- FIXED apple bug (from 0.225 EASTER EDITION) 
- FIXED woodchop wasn't interacting (from 0.225 EASTER EDITION) 
- FIXED all game icons 
- FIXED attributes balance 
- FIXED experience balance


- NEW thunders sound in the main menu 
- NEW a lot of new sounds (example: opening/closing sound) 
- FIXED ingame sounds performance 
- FIXED some sounds bugs 
- FIXED sound system (ready for playing music)


- NEW rewritten all the quests and dialogues 
- NEW dialogue influences 
(example: experience increase, karma, reputation with race) 
- NEW better quests system 
- NEW more and better story content 
- FIXED all quests errors 
- FIXED some language errors 
- FIXED logic errors


- the save and load mode is not working propely 
- quicksave option don't work propely 
- the water specularity is heavy blinding 
- water is stuttering with some settings 
- hitpoints, mana, shield and attack stats don't work propely 
- if you use the scroll wheel of the mouse in a menu 
it can disappear (3D mode) 
- there is a gamma bug on nvidia cards

You can register to our homepage here: Register

Views: 475 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 02/06/2010


The brand new fanpack is finally out!!! With a lot of content:

- new unofficial screenshots and artworks (v0.300 included)
- new wallpapers from our official visual artist Meanbearpig6612
- new soundtrack samples from our official music engineer Diss0nance
- and really much more


*the first fanpack has been downloaded more then 50 times

Views: 385 | Added by: DamianDJ | Date: 27/05/2010

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