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Main » 2010 » August » 31 » STATUS REPORT - AUGUST 2010

There are 5 months left since the creation of the official The Golden Coin homepage and I'm glad to presents the current status report:

The official site has been visited by over 7100 visitors with 87 registered members so far. The forums are filled with over 112 threads and almost 850 replies.

The moddb.com site is also growing bigger and bigger every day and boasts the beauty of nearly 30000 visits and 130 followers. The downloads of the playable development versions are more then 2800 and over 150 for the fan packs. These numbers are really amazing!!! We are happy to continue our work on The Golden Coin and to provide our followers a nice free role-playing game!!!

The homepage has been updated to version 3.2. There is a new page, the soundtrack page, where you can listen to many samples and a lot of minor changes. 

The game has been also distributed another time with the russian magazine "Igromania".

Thanks to your support and please consider to register to our official homepage here: Register
Delve into the fantastic world of Delecia!!!

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