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DamianDJDate: Monday, 07/06/2010, 23:04 | Message # 1
TGC Master Contributor
Group: Game developer
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- NEW native codificated savegame support
- NEW updated to the new custom engine Z-10
based on Sandbox Platinum Arts
(check out our svn repository)
- NEW animations scripts
- NEW guicolor scripts for dialogues
(green, red, blue, orange)
- FIXED run performance
- FIXED ingame loading time
- FIXED run stableness


- NEW advanced grass details
- NEW motion blur settings
- NEW skin texture for old orcs (by Ka-ching)
- NEW skin texture for elfs (by Ka-ching)
- NEW skin textures fot wolves (by Ka-ching)
- NEW static blur and glare settings
- NEW a few nice textures
- NEW drunk animation effect (example: drinking wine)
- NEW advanced rain details
- NEW gameplay hud bars
- NEW gameplay hud settings
- FIXED some textures for shader model 3
- FIXED animation sync error
- FIXED ambient lights


- NEW gameplay tutorial map
- NEW a lot of world details
- NEW little part of a the copper mines to explore
- NEW waterfall effects
- NEW add more details to the tutorial map
- FIXED items spawn locations
- FIXED the size of some items
- FIXED world details locations


- NEW combat mode and travel mode system
(press TAB to switch between the two modes)
- NEW improved talk system
- NEW option to switch from the 3D menus to 2D mode
- NEW main menu animation
- NEW written style
- NEW gui cursor sword
- NEW third person character view
- NEW loading screenshots with tips
- NEW display title and version
- FIXED ingame screen blocking errors
- FIXED a few player spawn bugs
- FIXED level loading time
- FIXED health increase by items
- FIXED multiple item interact ability
- FIXED a random crash bug on ATI cards
- FIXED game settings/options can now be saved
- FIXED Tutorial map performance
- FIXED Chapter_I loading crash
- FIXED menu pause function
(the game don't pause anymore)


- NEW advanced inventory system
- NEW advanced character menu
- NEW third person view character
- NEW advanced shop system
- NEW races reputations system
- NEW items now have a sell value and a buy value
- NEW a lot of items (example: rings, potions)
- NEW you can grilling meat and fish at the fire
- NEW a lot of icons (example: trade icon)
- NEW advanced skill menu system
- NEW trade skill implemented with 6 levels
- NEW beta alchemy system scripts
- NEW advanced wearing system
* you can wear now rings and helmets
* if you wear an item it will show up in the inventory
* a helmet will for example give you an armor bonus
- NEW implemented 15 full upgrade able levels
- NEW openable barrels with stuff inside
- FIXED items balance (buy/sell value)
- FIXED full inventory problem
- FIXED apple bug (from 0.225 EASTER EDITION)
- FIXED woodchop wasn't interacting (from 0.225 EASTER EDITION)
- FIXED all game icons
- FIXED attributes balance
- FIXED experience balance


- NEW thunders sound in the main menu
- NEW a lot of new sounds (example: opening/closing sound)
- FIXED ingame sounds performance
- FIXED some sounds bugs
- FIXED sound system (ready for playing music)


- NEW rewritten all the quests and dialogues
- NEW dialogue influences
(example: experience increase, karma, reputation with race)
- NEW better quests system
- NEW more and better story content
- FIXED all quests errors
- FIXED some language errors
- FIXED logic errors


- the save and load mode is not working propely
- quicksave option don't work propely
- the water specularity is heavy blinding
- water is stuttering with some settings
- hitpoints, mana, shield and attack stats don't work propely
- if you use the scroll wheel of the mouse in a menu
it can disappear (3D mode)
- there is a gamma bug on nvidia cards


Head developer and producer - damian bernardi

--- http://www.thegoldencoin.do.am ---

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