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Main » 2010 » May » 8 » STATUS REPORT - MAY 2010

After 5 weeks since the creation of this homepage I'm glad to presents the current status report: 

The official homepage has been updated another time to the new version 2.0, including a brand new chat system and some bug fixes.
The site has been visited by almost 2000 visitors with 22 registred members so far. The forums are filled with 41 threads and 152 replies and there are a few new music engineer at work for the official soundtrack. The moddb.com site is again growing bigger every day and boasts the beauty of over 17000 visits and 85 members. The playable development versions has also been downloaded more then 1800 times. These numbers are really great!!!! 

The development of 0.300 will enter in the closed beta test soon and if everything goes well we can expect to release the version slightly after the 20th of may. The gameplay and mechanics scripts are almost 3 times the size of v0.225 (without the quests/dialogues scripts). The changelog from v0.300 will be this round really A LOT BIGGER then every changelog made. 

All the dialogues have been completely rewritten and a lot of new features such as the wonderful third person view are coming soon. Stay ready!!!

Thanks to your support and please consider to register to our official homepage here: Register
Delve into the fantastic world of Arnaria!!!

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