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Main » 2010 » July » 19 » STATUS REPORT - JULY 2010

After 3 month since the creation of this homepage I'm glad to presents the current status report: 

The official site has been visited by almost 5500 visitors with 73 registered members so far. The forums are filled with over 100 threads and 700 replies.

The moddb.com site is also growing bigger every day and boasts the beauty of over 25000 visits and 110 followers. The downloads of the playable development versions are more then 2500. These numbers are really amazing!!! I'm happy to continue to work on The Golden Coin and to provide to our followers a nice completely free rpg experience!!!

The development of 0.400 is unfortunately just on early stage. As many of you know with v0.400 the game will become a completely new island called "Delecia" with a few parts imported from the last world. The game will also become a sort of day/night cycle and the best news is that the new version will run on almost every pc around.

We have now an official professional story and quest writer(Evan0605) at work on the game. Visit his blog here: http://www.esalas.com/

Thanks to your support and please consider to register to our official homepage here: Register
Delve into the fantastic world of Delecia!!!

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