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Main » 2011 » June » 2 » "Deriva" announced!!!
"Deriva" announced!!!

"The Golden Coin" (TGC) is currently unfortunately frozen due to many development issues. The source code went partially lost, so let down every hope on an update there for now... but let's announce an entire new game!!

Actually we are working day and night since summer 2010 on our brand new project called "Deriva". This time we are putting all our efforts on a large innovative role-playing game with a few important strategic elements. The main goal of our project is to develop an entire new gameplay, something never seen around before, and if it's possible also a bit addictive so that players won't leave us so fast =). Stay tuned for updates and visit our webpage at SomniumSoft.com.

If we are now going so far is only because the GREEEAAAAT support that we had from the communty, especially with the game "The Golden Coin" and Sandbox Platinum Arts. Our simple thanks would not be enough, so we plan to interact in a new way with the communty and fulfill almost every possible feature request about our upcoming game(there is much to ask, believe me!!!). Additionally we plan even the possibility to obtain the game for free. Just let us work now =)

PS: you can download the last source code of THE GOLDEN COIN here

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