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Main » 2010 » April » 19 » ARTICLE REPORT - CanardPC

The first article about The Golden Coin that came on the paper is published by the big and popular french magazine CanardPC. They wrote a short description about the game and his development status.

And here is the translation in english:

Translation by Google : 
At the corner of the internet (...) it sometimes falls on freeware very entertaining. For example, The Golden Coin (...) is a role playing game which is nice of sporting. Based on open source software "Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker 3D" itself derived from the Cube 2 engine, it puts you in the boots of an amnesiac who wakes up in a dark dungeon. Even if they are only in the 0.255 version, the developers have already done significant work, and you can already play well on the first chapters. The dialogues offering choices that affect the karma of his character, and it is hoped that the promise of totally open world, quests by dozens and turning scenarios will be confirmed in future versions.

Much thanks to the user cauldron that scanned the page and wrote the translation.
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