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The Golden Coin



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Gameplay Concept:

Game modes:
There will be two game modes. The travel mode and the combat mode.
In the travel mode you can run around in third person view, and in the combat mode you 
can move slower in first person view.

Money system:
There are copper, silver and golden coins in the game:
You will need the copper coins to handle with items (example: buy/sell)
You will need the silver coins to handle with skills (example: for learning a skill)
The use of the golden coins is currently a secret.

Dialogue system:
There are multiple answers when you are talking with a NPC and every
choice influences the karma, the experience, the reputation and the available dialogues options.

Upgrade system:
You will earn each level attribute points and learn points. With the attribute points you can
increase the player characteristics such as strenght, agility and knowledge. Instead the learn points
are used to learn skills. Some skills can only be learned from a "teacher".

Reputation system:
There are 3 main races in the game. The humans, the orcs and the elfs. The 
reputation is hard influenced by the dialogues, quests and karma.

Grill feature:
You can grill every type of meat or fish at the fire.

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