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Found something else!
DarkArchyDate: Monday, 09/08/2010, 13:46 | Message # 1
TGC Novel Member
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There is a problem with the load game option (even though you may already know it), no matter what I choose (no or yes) the menu stops working, it just disappears, and you are left in a continuous first person like view.
I am sorry if I bothered you with something you already know!

Added (09/08/2010, 13:46)
And another thing, if you use the option wile playing the game, the character freezes.

Ka-chingDate: Monday, 16/08/2010, 11:25 | Message # 2
TGC Master Contributor
Group: Tester
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Yes, we are aware of these bugs. Thanks for the report though.

Tester of The Golden Coin, a free RPG game.
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