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The Golden Coin



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NOTE: With v0.400, The Golden Coin will become a completely new world based on a completely new island called "Delecia". The world of Arnaria will doesn't more exist.

The world of Arnaria is an island subdivided in 3 sectors: the northern mountains, the middle stepps and the southern beach. It's said that there are also two parallel dimensions where the world creators live. The Limbo and the feared Zaad dimension.


The world is inhabited by a lot of intelligent attendance, or not. Here is a list about the main races that you will find ingame:

Humans -  With a great number of people, the humans are the most common and 
                powerful presence of the world of Arnaria. They live mostly in rural centers 
                such as the capital city, Anadea. Their life is almost quiet and concentrate 
                to earn copper coins but they don't will hesitate to take the arms when
                someone disturbing them.

Orcs -  These are the most great and violent creatures of Arnaria. After they lost 
           theyr dominant position against the humans in the last war of the golden coin they 
           were pushed out from Anadea. The orcs who remained in Arnaria live almost in forests, 
           and the rest of them escaped at the north, in the mountains.

Elfs -  It's said that these are the oldest and most intelligent entities of our days. But there are only a few
         after all, and these are pacifists. The few things that are known, are that they aren't that tall, but no
         one knows where their native town is located.

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